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A set of modern rectangular and square tables, designed by Michael Anastassiades, a Cypriot by birth who has made London his home.

In 2021, the minimalist character of Half a Square, has seen the addition of a new distinctive finish with a matt white glass, capable of enhancing the geometric rigour of a design that appears simple and linear.

A modern and reassuring aesthetic dictated by the use of rich and material finishes: the natural grain of the thermo oak enhances the high craftsmanship of the project, while pewter defines the design.

His project is distinctly minimalist in design but rich in his choice of materials, such as aluminium, marble, reflective glass and eucalyptus or graphite oak.

The joint between the parts determines a decorative triangular-shape finished in brass which enhances the solidity of the frame and characterizes the elegance of the design.