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Canadians George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg, all-round players in the world of architecture, design and graphics since 1980, have just designed Surf, a modular sofa system, for Molteni&C, after making their debut with Dada, in 2006, with the futuristic Lisola design. Thanks to their experience in the hospitality field and in exploring the nature of organic forms well beyond any traditional approach, Yabu Pushelberg design seating, unfettered by the constrictions of excessive modularity and rich in unexpected details. Ideal for residential or hospitality projects, such as hotels or offices.

Seats all-one with the base, with rounded forms supporting snug, slightly protruding backrests, are the features that make Surf a design that is not only ergonomically perfect but also visually appealing.

This excellent result is due to the use of differentiated polyurethane foam technology. Artfully designed rectilinear, chaise longue, corner and terminal elements, partially devoid of backrests, give rise to multiple compositions suitable for situations of all kinds, maintaining in each the freshness and originality of the design

A wide choice of textiles and leathers, chosen from the Molteni&C collection, further enhance Surf’s uniqueness. Surf is also an elegant little “dumb waiter” table, from the marble base and the wooden top complete with a small handle for moving it easily, it is perfect for keeping anything within easy reach when ensconced in a comfy sofa.

Wallpaper* Design Award, 2020 | Winner, Best Block Party category.