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Trim is a revolution. Space is the main feature of this system, a more rational and flexible way of experiencing the kitchen, designed for fast-paced contemporary life through a combination of technology and functionality.

Drawers, doors and wall units are no longer enough. Now, there are accessorised back panels: a space between the wall unit and the worktop that becomes available by moving sliding glass doors that work with a mechanism patented by Dada. LED lighting and electrical sockets also make the accessorised back panel the technological centre of Trim.

Accessorized back panels are the functional skeleton of Trim. Positioned in the centre of the composition, between the base units and wall units, they enhance the whole system with functional, operative aspects. The back panel uses an exclusive mechanism, patented by Dada, to balance and adjust the movement of the panel, with the glass that disappears inside the base units. The patent also includes the possibility of lowering the glass to provide optimal maintenance and cleaning. Iconic handles and new handles provide different possibilities for opening drawers, doors and columns in addition to finger recesses and mechanical or electric push-pull opening systems.

Good Design Award (USA), 2008