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Creative director Vincent Van Duysen has reimagined the dining room with a stunning new table: Mateo. Celebrated for his ability to create objects with enduring character while maintaining a clean, refined aesthetic, Van Duysen demonstrates this skill to great effect with this new dining table.

The table is perched upon a curved base that flares out very slightly as it goes down, providing stability and solidity while adding a touch of the unexpected. The conical base is available in two versions — one round and one ovular — to seamlessly integrate into existing spaces.

The designer’s architectural background is evident in Mateo’s structure. An internal frame is integrated by way of a lacquered metal rod that cannot be seen from the outside, reinforcing the meeting between base and top for complete stability.

Available in an array of sizes, heights and configurations to suit varying compositions of families and groups, the table is designed to be a centerpiece for creating traditions that span decades.
The round edition in 74cm height is available in 140cm, 160cm, 180cm and 200cm whereas the oval version comes in 220cm and 250cm. The lounge version, 64cm height, is available in 140cm and 160cm.

Unique finishes from sports wood to shiny lacquer, and colors like rich pine green and soothing almond white, offer customizable options to suit a range of spaces. Additionally, a new oak wood option provides a warm character combined with longevity.

The Mateo table reinvents the notion of dining for the contemporary home. Scalable proportions meet a clean aesthetic for a timeless piece destined to be at the center of many years of memories