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Vincent Van Duysen designed the Regent coffee tables with three top shapes: round, oval and square. The size of the tops is inversely proportional to the height of the coffee tables, allowing them to fit into each other, creating islands of elements side by side. The round one is also designed to be placed above the sofas in the two collections, providing a useful shelf.

A common and distinctive element of the Regent series is the ring-shaped base. With its slender, minimalist profile, it is made up of two burnished painted aluminium frames: one supporting the top and one at the base, which incorporates, with a refined slotted movement, the two vertical support rods. The base is the result of a profound and careful attention to detail, to the mechanisms for joining the elements and to a precise study of proportions.

The rounded shape of the tops, which have no edges, and the theme of the metal band, here in a vertical rather than horizontal position, cite both the compositional fil rouge of the Timeout Collection and the organicity of the lines underlying the Landmark Collection.

Similarly, the chromatic and material recurrence of the burnished metal and the top in Etna lava stone, give the Regent coffee tables a sense of continuity between the two collections.

The vitreous inserts of the Etna lava stone, used for the oven-baked enamelling of the surfaces, come from the crushing of recycled glass from TV and PC monitors.