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Tivalì, the built-in kitchen for all spaces designed by Dante Bonuccelli in 2004, precursor of the “Everything in a Small Space” concept, evolves in the Tivalì 2.0, with the introduction of Post, the new ergonomic handle in solid wood, together with the Operative Columns 2.0.

The concept behind the design was to have a kitchen, within a usable internal linear space of between 2.40 and 3 meters, where the scenographic element prevails and the kitchen reaches its highest expression, rather like the performance of an actor on stage.

As on all theatrical stages, the curtain conceals the scene, revealed only in the presence of the actors, and thus Tivalì appears as a large closed kitchen range which at first does not reveal its precious contents. Two big folding doors conceal the scene and, once open, thanks to sophisticated mechanisms, fit back, side by side, into the shape of the container, revealing it. The double cellular alluminium panel doors can be configured in the various finishes of the range, thereby enabling Tivalì to be seen in various interpretations.

The new sliding door mechanism has been revolutionized, losing the base and the lower carriage, but without forfeiting the fluidity of the sliding effect. Configurable in 3 different heights and 2 widths, it offers the inside layout infinite possibilities.